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What McLauren Customers are Saying:

"I discovered McLauren Anti-Aging Skincare 8 years ago and am so glad I did! Now in my mid-fifties I have to fight harder to fend off lines and age spots that keep popping up, but with the help of McLauren's high quality Skincare products it makes it a little easier. One reason (amongst many) I have continually decided to use this skin care line is, whenever I have a question regarding problems I am currently having with my skin, McLauren is always there to give suggestions and recommendations. She is extremely knowledgeable about her products and takes the time to address each individual need. The Glycolic Moisturizer is one of my favorite additions to my nightly routine. It is a cream that I don't need a lot of, and don't use every night but the results are incredible. My skin is brighter, skin discoloration has lessened, and lines have diminished."

"I am writing to endorse the McLauren For Men face products. After suffering from extra dry then extra oily skin for my entire life while not using any skin care products, I was persuaded to try the Peptide, Moisturizer, and Eye Cream to increase the moisture and decrease the extra oil being produced by my skin. The results have been incredible with the byproduct of virtually no wrinkles and lots of complements about my youthful appearance. Even at age 67 I am told quite often that I do not look old enough to have grandchildren (I have 5). The service and convenience of the ordering process is also outstanding. I highly recommend these products and the McLauren line of skincare products for men"!

"I love the way the moisturizer makes my skin feel soft, smooth and moisturized. McLauren has endless product knowledge, proven integrity and daily encouragement with "tips of the day".”

"Where do I begin about such an authentically effective anti-aging skin care line? I am currently in my mid 50’s and as I do not mind growing older, I am sure going to fight the signs of it. Prior to being introduced to the McLauren product line, I was always trying the latest, so called greatest skin care lines offered by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, medial spas, and over the counter. The results were always the same: breakouts, rashes, burnt and peeling skin. It was horrible, not to mention the amount of money wasted. I met McLauren by chance over 5 years ago. Right away, I was drawn to her sincerity and passion about skin care – not to mention proof of her products success in her own beauty. Being a little skeptical after so many years of failures, I decided to start with her amazing Quick Start Kit. The results were magical. No breakouts, no rashes, no burnt red embarrassing skin – just a smooth feeling radiant face. The wrinkles were softened or disappearing, and I was finally winning the fight with gravity. I now use numerous of the McLauren products and am never ever without my cleanser, peptide complex, eye cream, hyaluronic moisturizer, and anti-aging cream just to name a few. My three daughters
and even my “tough guy” husband and son also love using McLauren products.

In closing, I am so very appreciative to McLauren for her commitment in helping me age confidently and doing so with beautiful skin! Thank you again."

"I've been using the Peptide Complex for over 10 years and love this product. I am 54 years old and am frequently told I look in my 30's or early 40's. My skin has minimal wrinkles and my neck is still quite firm. I did attempt to go without this product for 3 months and noticed a sagging around my mouth and jaw. Once I restarted it firmed up again! McLauren is an advocate for good skin care and an expert in preventive aging of skin. I look toward her knowledge to keep my skin in its healthiest, youngest form."

"The Hyaluronic Moisturizer that I use is marvelous. Does not leave my skin oily. Does not cause me to break out like other creams – and leaves my face soft and lovely. Have tried face creams from $200 each to $20 each, and by far this one is the most consistent and wonderful – been a customer over 8 years and cannot be more thrilled."

"The Anti-Aging eye cream is magical! After using 1x, the delicate skin around my eyes felt like silk. I also saw a reduction in puffiness and lines. McLauren is a kind and hardworking business woman! She is knowledgeable about aging skin and will guide you to which product is best for your skin needs. I recommend McLauren and her products!"

"I love McLauren AA products! Because I had very dry skin, I wanted a non-greasy super moisturizing product with the right ingredients. McLauren AA Moisturizer is that product. It works. It feels great and my skin is much more toned and hydrated. Thanks McLauren!"

"I love the way the Anti-Wrinkle Serum makes my skin look and feel. People tell me that I look much younger. I have noticed the wrinkles are almost gone. This is a great product . McLauren is truly a professional lady and knows her products."

"So glad you didn't forget the men. Your products work. I feel and look younger. I have less lines around my eyes and younger looking skin since I started using your men's products. Thank you McLauren."